• Thornberry incorporated

    Thornberry was formed in the early ‘90s to provide a niche alternative to fledgling “big box” acute care nursing documentation modules. Development started in earnest, assisted by an upstate NY community hospital.

  • First hospital contract

    Development paid off; the first contract awarded to Thornberry was by a neighboring hospital embracing Thornberry’s best-of-breed approach to patient acuity, nurse care planning and nursing notes.

  • First home health contract

    A hospital across town heard about Thornberry’s clinical pathways initiatives in acute care, and said “follow my lead” to develop a pathways-based clinical system for its home health division.

  • Focused on home health

    Intrigued by home health and observing the big-box single-source trend in acute care I.T. purchasing, Thornberry gradually divested of acute care responsibilities to focus only on Medicare-certified home health.

  • Introduced Web version

    Thornberry developers leapfrogged from DOS over Windows directly to the Web, rolling out a completely new browser-based replacement for its original system— at no cost to supported customers.

  • First hospice contract

    Customers began adding hospice as a line of business, and Thornberry reacted by developing a hospice solution within its home health architecture— a single database approach to serving multiple lines of business.

  • Upgraded to Ensemble

    Predicting the need for homecare to meaningfully exchange data with other providers in order to thrive in their communities, Thornberry upgraded each customer at its own expense to InterSystems Corporation’s KLAS award-winning interface engine/database called Ensemble.

  • CCHIT Certified

    Thornberry observed the movement in acute and ambulatory care, prompted by federal incentives, towards meaningful use of certified software. Even though post acute providers like home health could not participate in incentives, Thornberry took advantage of an available certification program to prove its NDoc EMR had the requisite functionality, security and interoperability to “plug and play” with Stage 1 acute and ambulatory EMRs.

  • Achieved Best in KLAS for homecare

    In early 2014 Thornberry was honored to be named “Best in KLAS” for homecare for 2013 – proof that it didn’t have to be the biggest to be the best!

  • Achieved Best in KLAS for homecare

    Vendors in the healthcare I.T. space often strive for years to become “Best in KLAS” and fall short. Thornberry was awarded two years in a row.

  • Achieved Best in KLAS for homecare

    For the third straight year, Thornberry accepted the prestigious award for Best in KLAS – Homecare.

  • Upgraded to HealthShare

    In an effort similar to 2009, all Thornberry customers were upgraded at no charge to the Ensemble superset called HealthShare, a health information exchange platform and database from InterSystems. HealthShare offers advanced interoperability features designed to propel its users to the competitive forefront of their communities.

  • Achieved Best in KLAS for homecare

    For the fourth straight year, Thornberry accepted the prestigious award for Best in KLAS – Homecare.